Thursday, March 26, 2009

I almost forgot to mention this drawing at Alley Cat Rescue...........

Donate $1 per chance to win my OLD GLORY Kitty Cat doll. All proceeds from my raffles go toward, feeding, spaying, neutering farel kitties in my area. Raffle will take place March 31st. So, enter now, buy clicking on the donate button.ONE FREE ENTRY IF YOU POST THIS ON YOUR BLOG!

OLD GLORY KITTY $1 Per Chance to Win

Stitching Room Needfuls

Good Thursday to you all!

I love what I do and while I'm having so much fun,I still have to consider marketing and sales n'such. My golden question is, "What do customers want to buy?" Like many of you,the first question I ask myself is, "Well, what do I buy?" Since money is tight right now, I (usually) only buy what I need, which is mostly useful household items. So, if I need a new iron, I'll buy that and skip the extra pair of black shoes that I really really want, but do not really need because I already have too many black shoes! (Weird I know-I don't know what it is with me & black shoes, but I love them!) So, currently I am working on items that are useful to everyday life. You can find these items in my "Needfuls" column on the left hand side on my website.

Recently, I needed a new pinkeep. I just couldn't stand looking at that ugly tomato one I've had for years! So, I thought that I make a really special one for myself and offer it to you as well! I have 3 in my 1800's Pinkeep collection:Prairie Blossom, 1874 Stitching Room and Early Bird Pinkeep. They are all handmade here in Pennsylvania with lovely vintage reproduction fabrics and adorned with vintage buttons. These fabrics are referred to by a few names such as prairie print, calico print or civil war print fabric and you can choose a color family when ordering. I had so much fun stitching these up and I hope you enjoy my new pin keep collection. More useful "needfuls" are in the works and I can't wait to present them to you! Until next time...

May you have plenty of sweet blessings and joys!


Prim Crow Studio

P.S. I have been running a drawing each month called "CAW DRAW" in which you are automatically entered when you make a purchase of $25 or more! Our current Caw Draw is for a Prairie Spool Doll OR 10 individually packaged melting tarts! It ends April 17th! It's nice to have a bit of mid-month excitement don't ya think! Be sure to stop by to enter!